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I always say that I am going to start putting money away for my retirement and never seem to have the extra money to do it.
We use a five step process, which is designed to help you build greater wealth with no additional out-of-pocket outlay. This process helps your dollars work better, enabling you to start providing for the future.

If I already choose my own investments or use my broker recommendations, why should I meet with you?
Our work is unique. Some financial professionals focus on only one or two aspects of your financial life. Using our five step process, we evaluate and coordinate ALL aspects of your financial life. We’re not here to replace all the members of your team or products that are working well for you. By utilizing a holistic view, we work at making your money more efficient and productive. Our experience goes beyond just the picking of products. Like a game of chess, we focus on understanding how all your financial vehicles, wills, insurances, debt structure should work together. We also assist your other representatives to perform for you at a higher level.

What are the types of things you will do during the process?
To help build your wealth potential with the money you will receive over your lifetime, we have to evaluate all items, which include cost and income items such as housing, food, lifestyle, college and retirement goals. We will listen, put together written strategies with alternatives in a simple and easy to follow modeling process. You will see from the model what areas of lost opportunity exist with your current strategy. We will continually inform and update you. For many of our clients this is one of the main reasons our clients stay with me. We will communicate and answer questions in an easy to understand language.

What questions will be answered during the process?

  • What is the true cost of my current strategy?
  • Given my current strategy, am I betting my results on the idea that taxes will be lower in the future than they are today?
  • Will I be in the lowest tax bracket when I retire?
  • How does all this fit together and is it working to meet my future retirement goals?
  • Why has no one pointed this out to me before?

You will have a basic understanding of why we recommend certain strategies. I want you to understand how they work and why they are important to your financial success.

How do you differ from some financial strategies?
Many financial strategies are only concerned with dollars and cents. We realize that this is only one aspect of planning. Our goal is to create a strategy that supports what you care about most such as educating your children, being financially stable after retirement, and properly distributing your wealth.

What will it cost for you to do the financial analysis?
You will receive strategies for no initial costs or charges. We do not want any of our clients to have a financial risk or obligation for us to help them build their strategy. We want to assume the financial risk for our time.

Who decides what portions of the strategy to implement?
You must feel good about the strategies. We want you to feel good about implementing the recommendations.

Will I be pressured into making any decisions?
At no time will we pressure you into making a decision. We will always support you in doing what you know is best for you.