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The Wealth Distribution process is the phase when people need or want their money.

This phase can be very costly if one has not properly planned for its occurrence. Excessive income taxes, early withdrawal penalties, sales charges, restrictions or inflationary pressures can substantially reduce the distribution of one’s wealth. The Wealth Maximization Group will assist you in overcoming these eroding forces when you begin the process of distributing your wealth.



  • Income Taxes
  • Lost Opportunity Costs
  • Restrictions
  • Inflation
  • Penalties
  • Market Fluctuations
  • Life Mortality
  • Lawsuits and More …


  • Reduce Income Taxes
  • Avoid Lost Opportunity Costs
  • Reduce Market Risks
  • Build Wealth
  • Reduce or Avoid Penalties or Charges
  • Reduce or Avoid Restrictions and Loss of Control
  • Provide Long Term Financial Confidence

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